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Top 50 Illuminati from Most to Least Powerful

Here we have compiled the 50 most powerful Illuminati on the planet. We have included a variety of elite men and women. These Illuminati Members have been drawn from different fields and backgrounds including but not limited to finance, bio-tech, politics, mining, technology, conglomerates and royal families. The one characteristic that all of these powerful people share is that they are all members of the Illuminati. As many of you are already aware, the Illuminati represent a sect of Freemasonry which aspires to consolidate and rule the world by seizing control over every facet of life on Earth. For centuries, the plans for an Illuminati global government have been unfolding incrementally. However, not until recently have the true motives been revealed to such a large portion of the world's population. A free humanity is dependent on the exposure of the top Illuminati and that's where you come in. The more "thumbs up" an Illuminati candidate gets, the higher they move on the list, and vice versa...

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